Great Sailing Ships: “STAD AMSTERDAM”

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Contribution of Mr. Julio ARAVENA. Translated by Lorna and Clive SWAIN.

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The “Stad” is a recently built three-masted clipper intended for the charter trade, as well as a training center for unemployed young people.

The start of the year 2000 saw the birth of a new sailing ship: The Stad Amsterdam - a clipper, built along the classical lines of this type of ship but equipped with the latest technology. The Stad was the result of a joint project between the city of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and the human resources company, Ranstad. They built a ship for chartering, which at the same time would become a training center for young, unemployed people, to enable them to learn a new profession at sea.

The Stad was also destined to become a symbol of the city whose name she bears, and of the naval history of her native country, the Netherlands. In fact, it was decided to build a clipper, a type of vessel considered revolutionary at the end of the nineteenth century, a period of splendor for the Dutch merchant marine, which at that time was one of the great naval powers worldwide.

Clippers are light vessels, the fastest of all sailing ships. For that reason, the naval architect Gerard Dijkstra designed this 76-meter ship respecting the original drawings of Dutch shipbuilders in olden times. However, he outfitted her with the most up-to-date navigation and housing equipment. Likewise, it must not be forgotten that the Stad Amsterdam is a luxury vessel with all the comforts of a great five-star hotel.

A Training Center
Unlike the training ships of naval forces, the Stad Amsterdam is a training center for young civilians. They learn on board how to become crew members of a sailing ship, mechanics, plumbers, quartermasters, as well as sea cooks.

The Stad is also professionally manned, partly by old apprentices. There is no doubt that it is an extraordinary experience to take up a new profession combining instruction and practice with the stupendous opportunity to travel.

The Ship
The Stad Amsterdam is 76 meters L.O.A. and her mainmast is 46.25 meters tall. Her home port is in the Netherlands, although in the winter months she operates mainly in the Caribbean. She also frequently takes part in the Cutty Sark annual seafaring race of tall sailing ships; and in fact in the most recent, she excelled coming first in the clipper category.

She has accommodation for 36 to 68 passengers, apart from the crew of 25 persons. Likewise she has capacity for close to 300 people when receptions and parties are held on board.

Apart from having the latest in navigation equipment, the Stad has a 746 H.P. main engine, although the majority of the time she is under sail. For this she is fitted with 29 sails which total a surface of 2,200 sq.m.

Technical Data
Designers Gerard Dijkstra & Partners, Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.
Builders Damen Oranjewerf, Amsterdam
Owners Rederij Clipper Stad Amsterdam v.o.f.
L.O.A. 76 meters
Crew 25 (max.)
Sail surface 2200 m.²
Masts 3
Main Engine 746 H.P.